FIAP | The highest level of immigration law services with a laser-sharp focus on winning your case 

FIAP provides the very highest level of client service in multiple areas of immigration law, with nationally-recognized expertise in citizenship law, appeals, the immigration consequences of criminal conduct, and refugee and humanitarian law. The firm's founding attorney, Laura Murray-Tjan, received her undergraduate and law degrees at Harvard and Yale universities and honed her legal skills in the chambers of an appellate judge who is now a sitting Supreme Court Justice.  The firm offers each and every client an exceptional combination of quality legal services and dedication to achieving the best possible results. 

FIAP's name represents a commitment to pro bono appellate representation (Federal Immigration Appeals Project). The firm also takes pride in representing clients at all levels of proceedings before the Department of Homeland Security, including in visa applications to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. FIAP has a history of winning unlikely victories, such as difficult waiver cases, complex naturalization applications, and motions to reopen at the Board of Immigration Appeals. In short, FIAP overcomes obstacles where others do not. 

FIAP also represents clients in civil rights actions for monetary damages from the federal government. Contact FIAP if you believe that you or a family member has been unlawfully detained or deported, especially in cases involving U.S. citizenship claims.